Yes we did! I have to personally say that the MODI apple is not only appealing to the eye, but also appealing to the taste buds, I know mine for sure. They are absolutely delicious. Don’t know where to find them?  Go to your local Gelson’s store and stock up! These apples are great for Holiday meals or simply just to snack on.

We have something new for all of you to try! We are going to share one of our favorite recipes that include the fantastic MODI and let you get a taste of Mmm, Mmm goodness.  So have fun and don’t forget to share what you think about this great appetizer/meal.  As always, remember to submit your special apple recipe with your name and city and we will choose one to post for the week.

Smoked salmon MODI croissant

Ingredients for 4 servings

Cereal or wholemeal salted croissants | 4
Smoked salmon | 4 slices
Modì apple | 1
Greek Yogurt, plain | 1 jar (170g – 2.5 Oz)
Extra virgin olive oil, salt and black pepper, lemon juice qs
Chives qs
Fresh baby spinach or mixed-leaf salad| one handful

Wash, core (also peel, if you wish) and shave the apple with a large-hole grater, or slice it and cut it into very thin sticks; spray some lemon juice on the pulp to avoid it going black and to give it a sour touch.
Mix the yogurt with a few drops of oil, a pinch of salt and pepper and flavor to taste with thinly chopped chives; finally add the apple pulp and mix delicately.
Cut the croissants open and fill them with a few baby spinach leaves, then cover with the smoked salmon slices and complete the serving with a few tablespoons of apple and yogurt.