Farmington Fresh is proud to present our new and improved Website! These past few months have been an exciting time for us with the launch of our new retail line, new website and we have been building our #dreamteam. So, without further ado please welcome half of our fabulous, stupendous and hardworking sales, marketing and operations team:

Starting with Garrison Rajkovich (Marketing Director), Jason Ottolini (Sales Director), Zack Foster (QC Director), John Barros (Commodities Manager), Joel Harris (Operations Director), Vivianna Van Horst (Outside Account Manager), Yosel Stallings (Sales Associate)

I said half for a reason, our team is far bigger than what’s portrayed here and the other half is hard at work! To get the whole team please visit our about us page where you can meet our CEO Ernie Pascua, Account Manager Laura Serrano and our HR Director Iris Romero. Let’s not forget the backbone of our company we have over 100 employees working hard every day to make sure your apples aren’t only sliced to perfection but that our facility is safe, clean and running smoothly.

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Alma, Maria & Juanita

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Let’s get into a little history: Since 1995 Farmington Fresh has been perfecting apple growing and slicing. A company with generations rooted in the California Orchards, we continue the farming tradition of being family-owned and operated today. We are proud of our history as one of the first companies to slice and package fresh fruit. We believe good food can be convenient without sacrificing health by bringing the farm to you.

That being said we have recently launched our new retail line of Farmington Fresh Red, Green and Opal sliced apples. We take pride in producing the freshest sliced apple with exclusive varieties such as the non-browning, crisp and sweet Opal brand. [/column]

Our sales team has been hard at work and you can now find our apples at your local Safeway, Nugget Market, MarVal Foods or Holiday Quality Foods/ SavMor locations. We don’t stop here, our team is working hard at getting us well distributed throughout the United States.

This is an exciting time for our company and we want to take the time to share it with all of you! On our blog we will be sure to keep it interesting by sharing our latest updates and recipes. Our posts are written by our entire team and we hope you find our company worth following!

Come join us in enjoying a crisp bite from the orchard!


Sincerely yours,

Farmington Fresh Team