Live Italian, Taste Modì®

Modì® is a rustic, unique and truly matchless new variety!
Sustainable, contemporary and informal: Modì® is the first red apple with a hint of yellow and a modern taste that enacts the perfect balance between sweetness, acidity, crunchiness and juiciness.

Originally developed in the foothills of Northern Italy, Farmington Fresh is proud to be the exclusive grower and sales team for Modì® in North America. We are excited to deliver Italian quality apples grown in American orchards.

Natural Cross

Modì® is a natural cross between a gala and liberty apple. The lineage gives the apples an unmatched eating experience that is unlike any other variety. In addition, Modì® known around the world for being environmentally friendly, NON-GMO and nutritiously healthy. Modì® is considered to be the first “Green” red apple variety.

Modi Apples
Modi Apples

A name inspired by art

Modi Apple

The inspired name comes from the world of art, more exactly from Amedeo Modigliani, an artist born in Livorno and affectionately known as Modì® to his friends. He was famous for his portraits of women painted using intense red earth colours, just like Modì® red.

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