Our Food Safety Philosophy

At Farmington Fresh our food safety philosophy is simple: “food safety comes first.” This is based upon principles and practices associated with minimizing microbial food safety hazards involved in the “farm to fork” distribution of our products. Our Farmington Fresh Team is committed to maintaining a Food Safety Program for the proper handling of food. Responsibilities to Food Safety as well as identification of the members of the HACCP team are stated in the Food Safety Manual and HACCP Plans. Our Farmington Fresh firmly believes in providing its Customers and Consumers with a safe food product(s). We expect all suppliers to also share this philosophy. Our Team Members are expected to abide by the policies and all procedures and codes of practice set forth by management. It is the ultimate Goal of Farmington Fresh to provide Food Safe Products to its Valued Retail and Foodservice Customers.


Our Commitment to Food Safety

Farmington Fresh conducts a Food Safety Program that encompasses an experienced team dedicated to promoting food safe practices in retail and foodservice settings. We work in partnership with the food service industry and local, state, and federal agencies (CDPH, USDA, FDA and DOD programs). Additionally we work with and are audited independently by a 3rd party organization (PrimusGFS) in Global Food Safety Initiative standards. In close collaboration with these partners, our Food Safety Program focuses on activities to prevent foodborne illness and educate our Team Members and Valued Customers on utilizing the most updated Food Safe practices.