Welcome back everyone! Hope your Thanksgiving Holiday was a great one.

So, who was brave enough to try last week’s smoked salmon MODI croissant for your Holiday gathering?

If that was you, please share your experience on the prepping process and the feedback from friends and family. As always we love to hear from you all!


Once again, Farmington Fresh is always coming up with new ways to make things a breeze in the kitchen and easy  with the family.  We were busy brainstorming on ways to make the holidays fun and memorable with our new holiday pie filling. The pie filling is a 2lb bag of peeled Granny Smith apples that comes with an easy-to-follow recipe or you can use that good “ole” family secret recipe that has been passed down from generation to generation.  Don’t worry if you missed an opportunity to grab these convenient ready to use apples, just remember Christmas is just around the corner. Be sure to visit your local Gelson’s Market to get your piece of the pie.


Deck the halls, can you believe it? Christmas already!

It’s exciting to see the changes in the weather, the stores, and in families. We at Farmington Fresh want to be a part of it all. We want to know what it is, that makes this season special to you. if it’s a recipe let us know, if it’s a game don’t hesitate to share.


Here’s a new recipe to try!! Let us know what you think.

Ingredients for approximately 4 glasses

  1. Modì apple, peeled and cored | 1
  2. Fresh pineapple | 2 slices
  3. Fresh spinach | 12-16 large leaves
  4. Lime juice, q.s.
  5. Agave syrup, to sweeten according to taste
  6. Cold water and ice, q.s.


Dice the apple and the pineapple. Put all the ingredients in the blender jug and mix them until you obtain the desired density